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Think about the last time you bought a car. Did you walk around the vehicle, look under the hood and sit in the driver's seat to get a feel for it? You probably took it for a test-drive before making the final decision. If you're a developer producing the next "killer app," it's only reasonable for your customers to want to test-drive your application as well. Have you ever wanted to demo your application but thought... It's too difficult to put together a general-purpose demo. Even if you did publish a "live" demo site, it would be open to wrong-headed visitors entering offensive data, corrupting the demo for others. If you don't allow data entry, you limit the effectiveness of the demo. You could allow users to download your application (in some protected time-limited format), but they would need to install it and all the prerequisite programs (CFML server, databa... (more)

ColdFusion Everywhere PART 2

When we last left our two intrepid heroes they had just shown us how to create and run our first CFEverywhere application (including installing and configuring its requisite CFML server, application server, and Web server). Once installed, we were able to move our "package" (application and accompanying servers) to any hard drive and run it without change (we will exploit this capability later). In Part 1 we: Discussed the reasons and advantages of deploying applications as CFEverywhere packages Examined some applications that would benefit from this approach Installed the Jetty J... (more)